OCTOBER 14-15, 2019   |   10:30-19:00



What can you learn from a horse?

: What would it be like to trust you with every choice you make?

Presence: How do you get out of your head & into the world? If you’re not being present with a horse, you’ll know it, the horse definitely will know it, and so will everyone else.

Leadership: What are you being with the people in your life?

What’s working?
 What’s not working?
How do you get a greater result?

Your interactions with horses will show you all of this.

This class is for anyone who:
  • Loves horses
  • Has a fear of horses
  • Is not sure about horses
  • Rides horses
  • Trains horses or riders
  • Has never been around a horse
  • Would like more ease with their body
  • Would like to increase their communication and leadership skills
  • Would like to learn animal communication
  • Would like to explore energetic body processes for animals and humans
  • Would like to know what they know about horses that nobody else on the planet does!
  • Is just looking for something totally different!
  • and SO much more!
Both horse and rider will be worked on which can facilitate remarkable change in many areas.
Participants often develop a deeper connection with animals, notice an increase in the ability to talk to and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility for the animals and themselves!

Prerequisites: None

Pricing: Global Pricing, Repeat Pricing and Age Pricing applies.

About the facilitator Alison Cox

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