Will you join me on a journey to a Fairytale?

Do you believe that life can feel like a Fairytale?
I did. Then I didn’t. Then I hoped.
Until I realized that it is all about choice.

I started to choose different possibilities and discovered the whole new Fairytale Universe.
It has nothing to do with this reality.

Instead, it allows me to create any reality that feels light and joyful and absolutely magical to me!

What if the purpose of life is to enjoy it? To play & have fun?
What if pleasure is totally allowed and welcomed?
What if we chose to have a body so we can create magic with it?
What if we are infinite beings, infinite energy, infinite space and infinite consciousness,
that can change and create everything?

May I please be the space of total choice and allowance for you to change anything you’d like to change
and to discover the contribution, the gift, the beauty and the miracle you truly are?

Will you allow me to be so present with you and your body that everything will become possible?
With your body, your being, your sexuality, your relationships, your money, your awareness, your
creativity, your inner peace, your level of joy and any area of your life, that you choose to turn into pure
pleasure and joy?

With no judgment. Whatever you choose, I promise I will not have a point of view about it.

And what if together we could change the future of our miraculous Planet as well?
Wouldn’t that feel like the most beautiful fairytale we could ever create?!

Would you like to explore more of what is possible that we have not yet chosen?

Marin Markuze

Access Consciousness™ Body Processes practitioner and facilitator
‘The 4D of Conscious Touch’ therapists training facilitator
Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodywork therapist, Japanese Face Massage & Reiki practitioner
Hatha Kriya, Tantra & SriMa Yoga & Meditation instructor
Leading self-transformation workshops, classes & wellness retreats worldwide